Hi there! I'm Jolin, Mummy J.
A wife to my dearest husband, Daddy J.
A mother to my two cheeky boys, Big J and Small J.

All our names begin with J and hence the name The Js Arena.

The Js Arena was set up to capture and document memories - memories of the boys, memories of my parenting journey and memories of the fun we had as a family. Along the way, I also hope to share and exchange parenting tips with you.

Big J came into our life in 2011. Since then, our lives has been transformed. From two boring person to a lively family. His cheekiness and laughter always bring a smile to our day. Of course, there are also times when his naughty behaviours totally drives us nuts. We look forward to seeing him grow and more lovely days with him.

Small J joins our family in 2013. He is a very smiley and easy going baby. I hope time will slow down and let me enjoy more of his babyhood.


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I hope you enjoy your visit here. If you have any queries, please e-mail me at

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