[Media Invite] Singtel-Netflix Family Fun Day @ Amazonia

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

We were invited to a Singtel-Netflix Family Fun Day @ Amazonia. The moment we stepped into the indoor playground, the boys dashed straight for the playground.

While the boys were happily playing at the playground, I was in the event room checking out what Singtel-Netflix has to offer.

Introduction of the event

Games to entertain the kids and the adults

Introduction to Netflix and the promotion from Singtel

Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series and has officially launched their service in Singapore this year. Subscribers can watch movies and TV episodes via Internet streaming.

If you do not know about it yet, everyone can get to enjoy Netflix for Free for a month. Just remember to unsubscribe the service when the one month trial is over. That's what I did, I signed up for Netflix and the boys are enjoying watching their favourite shows, Peppa Pig, Kung Fu Panda, The Magic School Bus and more, on Netflix.

Image credit: Netflix

You might be thinking that you can watch these shows on YouTube too, for free! Firstly, the quality is different. I limit the amount of time the boys spent on watching media and one of the reason is the worry that too much screen-time will affect their vision. So between choosing a low quality video and a high quality video, I will definitely choose the latter.

Another difference between watching shows on YouTube and Netflix is the Netflix Parental Controls Settings. where you can block mature titles from being shown. There's no worries that your child will 'accidentally' be shown a show that is not appropriate for him/her.

Image credit: Singtel

For Singtel customers, you can enjoy up to 9 months complimentary Netflix subscription when you sign up or re-contract with Singtel. Details are shown in the photo below. For more information, please check here.

Image credit: Singtel

There is no contract terms tied to the Netflix subscription and you can cancel the subscription anytime you wish.

More details at Singtel or Netflix.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Singtel-Netflix Family Fun Day @ Amazonia. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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Pipette Painting

Monday, 21 March 2016

Big J doesn't have a liking for doing art, especially colouring. Recently, I started him on more art, or rather, more focus on the art process rather than the final art piece. We used to emphasise too much on the final product that sometimes resulted in me being upset with him because he wasn't doing it the 'right' way.

We did Pipette Painting. It is a process art using pipettes instead of brushes. Using pipettes is great for fine-motor skills, something which Big J is lacking. This pipette that I am using is like a syringe, which requires using the 3-finger grasp. This is useful for future writing skills.

This is how I setup the activity. 

What you need:
3 containers with the primary colours, red, yellow and blue. 
3 pipettes, one for each colour.

Tip: To minimise mess, I put everything on a tray. I also place the drawing paper on a tray too. Process art could get quite messy, so using trays to keep everything inside is a good way to minimise mess and makes it easier to clean up too. I also leave a damp cloth nearby for clean up.

My Intentions:
- Using the pipettes to transfer the paint onto the paper.
- Using the straws to blow the paint. 
- Discover about colour mixing

What Happened:

When he saw the set up, he wasn't interested at all. I asked if he wanted to try and he bluntly said 'No'. As expected.

Then I quickly brought out the book 'Mouse Paint' and read to him. He loves reading. As I read, I linked it back to what we have in front of us. And he finally picked up the pipette to dribble the paint onto the paper.

I prompted him to use the straw to blow at the paint and see what happened. He blew a while and he gave up. I used tempera paints and these were too thick for blowing. 

But never mind, since I already got his interest, he was willing to continue to explore and I left him to discover.

He discovered that squeezing the empty pipette creates splatters of paint.

As he kept adding more paint to the same spot, he created a puddle of paint. He realised that if he squeezes the pipette in the puddle of paint, it creates bubbles. He was amazed and said this is the Flower Dome. He created more bubbles and said this is Cloud Forest Dome. 

Since there were bubbles, he started to blow the bubbles. To his amazement, he blew away the top layer of paint to discover the different colour of paints underneath!

He overturned the paint container and used it to make circle prints.

He was at it for about an hour. At the end, I folded the paper in half and asked him to guess what will happened. He said it will become a butterfly. (We did something similar before to make butterflies). 

When I opened up the paper, he said, 'Mummy, this is an elephant.' 
Me: 'An elephant? Not a butterfly?'
J: 'No, this is the back of the elephant.'

Well, it does resemble the back of the elephant. Doesn't it? 

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Space Odyssey U Picnic 2016

Friday, 18 March 2016

Over the weekend, we went for the Space Odyssey U Picnic 2016, organised by NTUC U Family, at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

It has been our yearly affair to go on a picnic once a year for some family bonding. This year we got my parents to join in too!

It was past 6pm when we reached the park and the whole park was like already full. We saw families with their kids, with their pets or their extended families. We saw people eating, children running and playing games on the big field. Groovy music was also playing in the background. The whole atmosphere was very electrifying.

The event also seeks to take a Singapore’s largest family wefie. The drone was 'flying' in the sky to take a wefie of everyone. Everyone was waving at the drone and the kids were chasing after the drone.

Image credit: NTUC U Family

This year's goodie bag is super huge and heavy. It was loaded with food and drinks, tattoos and glittering rings, wet wipes and a picnic mat, all ready to start the picnic anytime. Of course we brought our own trusted picnic mat and some snacks too.

There were games and activities available. However, we did not participate in these because the queue was too long. Our boys are not those who can wait patiently in a queue...haha. But I saw many others who were enjoying the activities.

Anit-Gravity Ball


Bouncy Castle - Kids' favourites

Family Relay Course

As the sun slowly sets, the weather also gets cooler and more comfortable. We were simply relaxing, eating and enjoying the atmosphere and the stage performances.

As darkness falls, many people got out their shining rings. The boys were happily waving and playing with the rings.

One of the highlights of the night is the LED dance. Guess who were performing? It's Mr Seah Kian Peng, NTUC FairPrice Chief Executive Officer and Mr Desmond Choo, NTUC Youth Development Unit Director!

We left after the LED dance performance. However, the party went on with more live band performances and Singapore's own Lady Gaga performance.

We had a wonderful night and are already looking forward to U Picnic 2017!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Space Odyssey U Picnic 2016. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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The Amazing World of Gumball: The Takeover 'Live' Show + Meet & Greet + Jump for Joy Carnival @ City Square Mall

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Last weekend was a really busy week for us. Apart from attending the Space Odyssey U Picnic, we were also invited to the School's Out Gumball's In event at City Square Mall.

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Takeover 'Live' Show

Date: 12 - 20 March 2016
Time: Mon - Fri: 2pm & 7pm
            Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Venue: City Square Mall, Level 1 Atrium

With a minimum spending of $30*, shoppers can redeem a Meet & Greet pass to snap a photo with the cast of the show! Redemption starts one hour prior to each show at the Level 2 Customer Service Counter, limited to 50 passes per show.

Watch as Gumball and Darwin take over the stage and help Detective Dickie Gumshoe solve "The Mystery of the Stolen Test Papers". Their amusing antics and hilarious misadventures are sure to have you laughing. 

The show is entertaining and interactive. Audience are asked to dance along to the catchy tunes, do some actions and even some balls throwing action too.

Jump For Joy Carnival

Date: 11 March - 10 April 2016
Time: Mon - Fri: 5pm - 10pm
            Sat, Sun & PH: 12pm - 10pm
Venue: City Square Mall, Level 1 City Green (Outdoor Park)

Tickets are available at the ticket booth near Level 1 entrance. $4 for a ticket or $20 for 6 tickets. (All of the activities requires 1 ticket, Bungee Trampoline requires 2 tickets)

Bungee Trampoline - 2 tickets ($8) per pax

Game Stalls - 1 ticket ($4) per game

Bouncy Castle - 1 ticket ($4) per 5 minute jump

Bouncy Castle - 1 ticket ($4) per 5 minute jump

After the show, we headed outside for some bouncy fun. Of course, we headed to the bouncy castle first. For a ticket ($4), the jumping time is 5 minutes, which I think is expensive. They are also quite strict with the timing, even when the boys were the only customers around.

The activities are subjected to weather conditions. If it rains, the activities are closed. When we were there, it was super hot. We tried the big bouncy castle but it was too hot to touch. Therefore we ended up at the small castle again because it is the only one that has shelter.

For more information, please visit City Square Mall.


Since we were outside, the boys also hop on to the mini train.

Choo Choo! Here we go!

Lastly, the outdoor playgound. The playgound is different from the last time we came. Now it has been upgraded, with swings and merry-go-round which even babies can ride on too (with adult supervision). The climbing structure is also more challenging for the older children.

Disclaimer: We were invited to watch The Amazing World of Gumball: The Takeover 'Live' Show and given a Meet & Greet pass and tickets for the Jump for Joy Carnival . No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

So it's the once a year affair again. To be honest, birthdays seem to be getting lesser attention from us, year after year. To us, it is just another day. We do not wish the kids to think that it is a privilege to have a very grand birthday celebration every year, we want them to know birthday is just a part of their life and they should be grateful of what they have. 

I am Five!

Big J had just celebrated his 5th birthday. Each year, I am amazed at how fast time passes. The other day, Facebook prompt me of a memory 5 years ago. That was my 4 days old little prince! My heart totally melts and I was telling hubby how different he looks now. Where has my little baby gone? 

During his first birthday we threw a mini birthday celebration among relatives. As the years go by, the celebration gets less and less elaborated. However, we will make it a point to bring him to somewhere he likes for the day. This time he asked for Port of Lost Wonder.

He is no longer scared of this green covered slide and went on it for infinity times.

Observing the water flowing down
Small J riding on Daddy's back

He has been looking forward to his birthday for a long time. Unlike previous years when he didn't know his birthday. For the past few months, he has been saying his birthday is coming and telling us to listen to him on his special day to do what he wants. As the day gets nearer, he started pretending that he is going to have a big birthday party. He went around telling everyone that his birthday is on Saturday and he is inviting them to his birthday party. He even mentioned that his party has a big and delicious chocolate strawberry cake, tarts and snacks and even games! 

This boy is so funny! While I laughed at his ideas, deep-down I actually felt sad and sorry that I am not able to give him a birthday party that he wished for. Sorry baby. 

On the day of celebration, I told him that the cake shop had no more cakes left. The next moment, he started showing this face and cried. He is that upset about not getting his cake.

That evening, we got him a cake as promised and had a mini celebration with the family. 

Kor, is the cake nice?

Happy Birthday to You!

A family photo. Look at Small J...Haha

On his development side, the past year had been quite challenging due to his sensory issue. He is very scared of loud sounds and every time when there are loud sounds, he will cry so badly. Fortunately, he has learnt to overcome his fear by knowing to cover his ears when it gets too loud. However, he is still put off by sudden loud sounds. We hope that he will be more fearless as time goes by.

On this learning side, we are still quite worried about him not knowing how to write. We hope the school and with the influence of his peers, he will learn how to write properly. On the bright side, he is really into reading. His teacher commented that he is able to read a simple book. He is also constantly asking us what the signs or books around us reads.

This year, Big J is also into taking photos, or rather playing with the camera on the phone. Hubby and me always find interesting photos that he has taken with our phones. He especially loves taking selfies of himself.

Happy Birthday my darling first born! Looking forward to more fabulous years ahead!

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