[Media Invite] Pororo Park Singapore

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Over the weekend, we were invited to a media preview of the Pororo Park, just before the park is officially opened to the public on the 11 November 2015! So let me show you a sneak peek of the place. 

The place is brightly coloured and there are many cute characters from the show.

The first attraction that we see upon entering the theme park is the Pororo Express. This is a train ride for the kids only. As long as your child is able to sit independently, he/she will be able to take this train. There are seat belts to ensure the safety of your child during the ride. The friendly staffs will also follow the train as it moves to ensure that the child is safely seated.

The boys love the train ride very much and went on it countless times.

Another favourite of the boys is the Shark Ball Pool. The boys enjoyed 'swimming' in the pool and trying to throw the balls into the shark's mouth. Apart from the sharp teeth of the shark, the ball pool is pretty child-friendly with the sides and bottom all well-padded.

Next is Poby’s Jungle Gym. This is a play system where children can climb, conquer obstacles and slide down the slides. The gym is not very big so parents do not have to worry about their child getting lost inside the gym. Small J is able to play by himself and we just need to look from outside, no more hurting our backs to try to squeeze in to look after him.

Younger kids would like playing in Pororo House. There are miniature furnitures inside the house and disco lights which makes the place looks so magical.

There's also Tong Tong’s Little Theatre, where children can enjoy watching Pororo musical or sing-along shows featuring Pororo and friends.

Photo credit: Pororo Park Singapore

There will also be meet-and-greet with the characters. Each time when the characters come out for a walk, all the children and adults will swamp over to meet them.

The special part of the Pororo Park is apart from play, children can take part in story-telling classes or arts and crafts held in Eddy and Petty’s Rooms. Character-themed birthday parties can also be held here. For now, there will be reading classes held by MindChamps every Sunday.

For the adults, relax in Loopy’s Café. The 60-seater cafe offers a delectable offering for both adults and kids. Parents can enjoy free Wi-Fi while enjoying the scenic view of the Marina Bay skyline.

After a day of fun, don't forget to get one of those cute merchandises from Rody’s Toy Store before you leave.

Pororo Park will be officially opened to the public on 11 November. If you decide to check it out, don't forget to bring along socks for everyone. There is an area to leave the strollers and your shoes. 

Our Overall Experience

To be honest, the park is not as big as what we expected it to be. We also thought there are not much to play there. However, during our 3 hours there, the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They don't even bear to leave and until now, they are still talking about going back again. This makes me realise that it is not so much about how we parents see the place as but more importantly, how much the kids enjoy the park.

They are most happy with the train ride and the ball pit. Although the ball pit and the gym are commonly found in most indoor playgrounds, what sets the Pororo Park different from the rest is the train ride and the Pororo shows and meet-and-greet sessions. I personally feel the Pororo Park is most suitable for children between 1 to 6 years old.

Pororo Park Singapore (Opening 11 November 2015)

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29 Singapore 039594 (Marina Square’s new retail wing)

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm
Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm


Admission Rates

Single Entry

Every ticket is a designated 2-hour play time per entry.

Membership Packages

Savers Pass

Disclaimer: We were invited to the media preview of the Pororo Park Singapore. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine.

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PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Babies are born with soft and smooth skin and hair. But as they grow up, their skin and hair becomes drier. Apart from the environmental factors and the type of shampoo used, the water that we use for our daily bathing is also a contributing factor.

If you have been to a swimming pool, you would be very familiar with the smell of the pool. That's chlorine. I remember when I was still in school, I heard that swimming will turn my hair brown! How I wished I had brown hair because it would be so cool! It was until I studied chemistry that I knew it is actually chlorine oxidising the hair and causing it to turn brown. In fact, this is very harmful to the hair and our health.

The water from our tap has chlorine added to it. This is to disinfect the water to kill bacteria and viruses. Although we were told that our tap water is safe for use, I personally still feel unsafe of the long term side effects.

Some studies have shown that it is actually more harmful to bathe in chlorinated water than drinking it. When we bathe, steam opens our pores, causing our skin to absorb chlorine and harmful chemicals from the tap water. Don't forget, our skin is the largest organ of our body. Chlorine also vaporises easily and gets inhaled into our lungs causing other long term problems. Without a shower filter, the effect is accumulative and results in dry, sensitive skin, unhealthy scalp and damaged hair keratin.

PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter is a BPA-free filter which harnesses technology and high-quality durable elements (KDF, Calcum Sulfite, Maifan stone and Ceramic Balls) to remove harmful impurities from the tap water. Each element plays an important role in water treatment and softening.

You might think that it will be difficult to install this filter. Let me tell you, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The filter is very compact and it can be easily detached and move to another shower faucet. If you wish, you could even bring it on your overseas trip!

Step 1: Remove shower hose from the faucet.

Step 2: Attach PureBlue Shower Filter and twist it until tight.

Step 3: Re-attach shower hose to the base of the filter. It is ready to use!

After installing, the boys can't wait to start using. Previously, when we were having waterplay, the bathroom will smell of chlorine after a period of play. With the filter installed, there is no more smell of chlorine and reduces the risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation. I am so glad that the boys are playing in filtered water which is much safer than water directly from the tap.

We have been using the PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter for a while and I can really feel the difference. My hair is now smoother and softer, just like after having a hair treatment at the salon! Usually my hair will get tangled and dry if I did not use the hair conditioner, but not after using the shower filter. Blow-drying the hair is also a breeze now.

Another difference is that the shampoo and soap lathers much better in smaller quantities. I used to use about 2 pumps of shampoo for my hair, but now 1 pump is enough. The same effect can be seen on the skin too. My skin feels softer and doesn't have the 'siap siap' feeling anymore!

I wasn't expecting to see any immediate effect initially but feeling and seeing these changes really blows me off. I am also pleased that I am giving my two precious babies safer water to use in their daily lives. Now I am hoping they will come out with a filter for the basin tap too, so that we can enjoy the benefits of filtered water when washing our hands and face and brushing our teeth.

Thank you PureBlue for giving us safer and cleaner water
that is of better health benefit to my family!

PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter is selling at S$92. The refill for the filter (S$52) can be changed every ~6 months, depending on consumption and home water quality. Enjoy free local delivery for S$80 and above and free international delivery for USD80 and above.

Here's a video from PureBlue. Sit back and enjoy.


PureBlue is giving away 1 PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter to 1 lucky reader of The Js Arena.

Just complete all the steps below to win! Giveaway ends Monday, 9 November 2015, 11:59pm.

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Disclaimer: We received a PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine.

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